Rockwool India Pvt. Ltd. produces stonewool products, under the brand name ROCKINSUL & TUFFINSUL.These products are widely preferred for thermal, acoustic and fire safety applications in Buildings and Industries.

ROCKINSUL and TUFFINSUL products do not absorb moisture from the ambient air nor water by capillary attraction. Only water under pressure can enter the insulation product; however it will quickly dry out owing to the open cell structure of our products. The products are free from asbestos and are non hazardous to health, rot proof, odourless and products do not sustain vermin or fungus and will not encourage mould or bacteria.
Rockinsul Building Roll
Thickness : 40-100 mm
Size : 1.1-1.2 m (width), 5-10 m (length)
Density(kg/m3) : 36, 48, 64
Facing & covering : FSK, ALG & Kraft Paper
Application Fields : Thermal and acoustic insulation of metal buildings (over and under roof purlins, walls), porta-cabins,partition wells, and roofs (false ceiling overlay).
Industrial application
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Rockinsul Building Roll
Thickness : 25-150 mm
Size : 0.6 m (width), 1 m (length)
Density(kg/m3): 48 - 150
Facing & covering :Unfaced
Application Fields : Thermal insulation where extra rigidity is required such as sandwich panels, roof and flooring applications.
Rockinsul Building Roll
Thickness : 25-118 mm
Size : 100-110 mm (width),
0.92-1.2 m (length)
Density (kg / m3 ) : 100 - 150
Facing & covering :Unfaced
Application Fields : Extra rigid thermal and fire- safely insulation used as core material for sandwich panels.
Rockinsul Building Roll
Thickness : 50-100 mm
Size : 0.6 m (width), 1 m (length)
Facing & covering :Unfaced
Application Fields : Acoustic insulation ideally suited for partition walls.
Rockinsul Building Roll
Thickness : 20-30 mm
Size : 590 x 590 mm
Facing & covering :FSK (one side), BGT
(other side)
Application Fields : Acoustic insulation for false ceiling applications in airports, hospitals, entertainment malls, hospitals and commercial complexes.
Rockinsul Building Roll
Thickness : 25-100 mm
Size : 1.22 m (width), 1.52-4 m (length)
Density (kg/m3) : 70 - 150 kg / m3
Facing & covering : (GI) Galvanized or (SS)stainless steel hexagonal wire mesh
Application Fields : Netting (mesh)Thermal insulator of high-temperature equipment (boilers, fluid storage tanks, etc) and pipelines upto 750C
Rockinsul Building Roll
Thickness : 25-150 mm
Size : 0.6 m (width), 1.2 m (length)
Density(kg/m3) : 40 to 120
Facing & covering :Unfaced, FSK, ALG and BGT
Application Fields : Thermal and acoustic insulation in residential and commercial buildings, as well as industrial applications, especially where fire hour rating (fire safety) is required.
Rockinsul Building Roll
Thickness :25-100 mm
Size :1/2"-14" (Nom. Bore)
Density (kg/m3) : 100, 128, 136, 144
Facing & covering :Unfaced, FSK & ALG
Application Fields : Thermal insulation of pipe work in power plant , press industries Refinery.
Rockinsul Building Roll
Thickness : NA
Size : NA
Facing & covering :NA
Application Fields : Thermal insulation for in-fill around pipe bundles and for brake/ clutch pads.
To store for long duration ROCKINSUL and TUFFINSUL should be stored indoor. If stored outside, it should be stacked clear off ground and covered with a securely anchored weather proof sheet. It should not be left exposed to weather.