ROCKINSUL Loose wool
ROCKINSUL Loose wool insulation is specially graded and designed to in-fill around pipe bundles and to completely fill irregular voids. They can be installed either by hand packing or by using specially designed blowing equipments.

ROCKINSUL Loose wool are also used in non-asbestos organic formulations for friction products, such as railway brakes, commercial vehicle and passenger car linings and disc pads , clutch facings etc. It has excellent performance characteristics, and offers distinctive advantages over traditional filler / reinforcing materials.
  • Excellent thermal, acoustic and fire properties
  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • Free from HFC’s and other blowing gases
  • Reliable performance; thermal conductivity cannot degrade due to loss of entrapped gas
  • Non combustible
  • Moisture content < 0.5%by volume when tested as per BS 2972
Fiber Diameter
Loose wool has a fibers diameter of less than 6 microns.
Temperature Range
Depending upon the construction details, ROCKINSUL Loose wool can be used at temperature up to 1000 °C