TUFFINSUL Rigid Slabs range offers superior rigidity and durability for application areas where high levels of compressive strength are required.
Standard dimensions
Density (kg/m3)
48 to 200
25 to 200
1.0 to 1.2
Facing Types
TUFFINSUL Rigid Slabs for building applications are unfaced, or with a facing of glass reinforced aluminium foil / Kraft paper laminate (FSK), ALG and Black Glass Tissue (BGT).
The following table compares the compression strength of Rigid Slabs vs. Regular Slabs.
Standard density
Compressive strength at 10% deformation (kpa)
RB Slab Rigid Slab
48 5 10
64 8 12
96 9 20
122 13 21
144 37 41
160 44 69
200 45 95
* Non-standardized sizes and facing may be available on request
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Working Temperature
Fiber : Up to 750 °C
Facing : 100 °C
At temperatures in excess of 230 °C a limited migration of binder may occur in the insulation in contact with the hot face. This does not impair the insulation performance.
Moisture Absorption Performance
TUFFINSUL Rigid Slabs absorb less than 1% by volume when tested in accordance with BS 2972, ASTM C1104 / 1104 M, and do not absorb moisture from ambient air or from water by capillary action. Only water under pressure can enter into stone wool insulation products; however, it quickly dries out due to the open cell structure of Rigid Slabs. When tested in accordance to ASTM E96, FSK-faced Rigid Slabs achieve water vapour permeability of ≤ 0.02 perm, ALG-faced Rigid Slabs achieve zero water vapour permeability.
TUFFINSUL Rigid Slabs are used for thermal and acoustic insulation where high compressive strength is required such as over-deck, floors, sandwich panels, and dry wall partitions.